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Xuemei Li About me!

🇳🇱Ik ben XueMei Li en op deze website vertel ik je over mijzelf en mijn werk, waarvan je hieronder al een paar voorbeelden ziet. Al het werk op de site is te koop (tenzij het al verkocht is, natuurlijk; dan zet ik dat erbij). Als je wilt, kan ik ook een schilderij maken dat helemaal past bij jouw wensen en specificaties.

Ik hoop dat mijn werk je bevalt. Laat het me gerust weten!

🇬🇧My name is XueMei Li. On this webpage I will tell you a little bit about myself and my work as an artist. 

I was born in Chengdu, in the Chinese province of Sichuan. After studying in Xi’an and Antwerp, I worked in Guangzhou for years. In 2018 I moved to the Netherlands. Two years later, like everyone else, I faced the Covid crisis. My work – helping Chinese investors who came to the Netherlands to investigate local business opportunities – came to an absolute standstill. Suddenly I had plenty of time to do completely different things. to explore my other interests. 

Fluid Art 
By chance I came across an art form called Fluid Art; spectacular paintings with beautiful flowing colours. It was something that immediately appealed to me, as I have always loved colour. I was mesmerized by the vibrancy of the colours and shapes. 

Learning and experimenting 
I have never learned how to paint before, but I was very motivated to learn. So, I decided to just give it a try, with the help of a Chinese online teacher. She taught me the basics, but I also did a lot of experimenting on my own. As it turns out, painting has always been a hidden passion of mine, and I’m still learning every day. I also like to go to museums for inspiration. 

In terms of technique, I use all kinds of methods, such as a blow dryer to direct the flow of the paint, the use of balloons to make floral patterns, but also the usual brushes to add accents. Although I like to sketch figuratively as well, my style is mainly abstract. I try to express beautiful feelings, memories and moments by mixing colours. I try to captivate the beauty of art through the mixing of colours, with the beauty of nature being my main source of inspiration. I also like to occasionally merge Western and Asian influences in my work. 

Commissioned work 
Painting makes me happy, I do it primarily for myself. But if people enjoy my work, that makes me happy too. I also like to paint on commission, depending on what people are looking for, of paintings in a certain colour, combination or a certain size. No matter what, I’m always honoured when people put my work on their wall. 

🇨🇳欢迎并谢谢你,来到我的世界。 这,是一个关于爱,艺术,与遇见本真的世界。


我叫李雪梅,生于天府之国的中心 - 四川成都。曾在西安和安特卫普求学,而后前往广州发展生活。 2018年夏天,源于各种因素我告别广州移居荷兰,从事为中荷之间的文化交流、企业合作、投资考 察、移民留学等方面的咨询服务工作。新的生活,忙碌充实,有挑战,有成长,有收获。但2020年, 不期而至的新冠疫情,让世界放慢了脚步,与许许多多的人一样,我的工作也在霎时之间陷入停滞。 在静默闲时中内观,思索自我生命的意义与价值,我瞥见了一直潜藏在内心深处摇曳的艺术火花。


很偶然的一个机会,使我与流体画相遇。眼目下的那一片片流光溢彩,明亮炽热,灿烈如歌,我的狂 喜怡悦如同它明艳色彩般强烈漫溢。在一眼入心的流动斑斓里,我看到了一个广大无限的有趣世界。 生活在”欧洲最美的后花园”荷兰,在春日万物复苏,百花渐放,自然色彩逐起的时刻,我的内心时 有强烈的情感翻腾,对生命强烈的感知而生起的深刻感动,是言语难以释放的深沉。我在流体画的一 抹抹色彩中,看到了我的世界— 最恰如其分的表达。为这片丰富迷人的色彩,我愿将此生倾注其中。


不曾有任何绘画基础的我,很感恩前行之初在网上遇到了一位华裔荷兰艺术家,为我打开了一扇进入 流体画世界的大门。揣着对色彩的满腔热情与痴迷,我每日不亦乐乎的努力求知,探索。荷兰浓厚的 艺术氛围与丰富的博物馆亦使我获益匪浅,灵感不断。创作,使我幸福。我尝试不同的方法,使用不 同的工具 - 比如用吹风机来引导颜料的流动方向等等,中西方绘画的交融也会带来很奇妙的效果,每 一种新的可能性都使我充满兴奋。每一抹色彩里,糅合着我对自然深深的热爱,是我想要与你分享的 生活的无尽美好。


这些绘画作品,是我的种子,也是我的果实。所获得的赞誉和认可,是我前行的力量与光束。 如你希望定制自己所钟意的颜色组合,风格,尺寸,请将需求发送到 能按你的方式为世界着色,我将备感荣幸。

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